Why Google Base Is a Good Way to Start Selling

August 11, 2009

Google Base is a service separate from Google’s search engine and Google Products. As long as you have a valid Google account, you can make use of Google Base and publish information online. Published information on Google Base may include websites, files, products, and services—all categorized for easy searching. Depending on the relevance of your published entry, it may or may not be included as a Google search engine result.

This is good news for online businesses that haven’t gotten around to finishing a searchable website. It doesn’t assure instant Google ranking, but it’s a good start. Here are 5 reasons why:

1.    It makes your products already searchable while you’re still working on your website
Google Base allows you to publish almost everything. When you publish a product and categorize it as something for sale, Google Base automatically publishes the listing in Google Products—Google’s online shopping service.

Although Google Base doesn’t directly help your website’s ranking, publishing yourself in Google Base already introduces you to the online public who search for their needs via categories. These people are niche keyword users. This is why it’s important for you to already begin a relationship with them as early as you can, even while your website is still under construction.

2.    It’s free

Getting published is completely free of charge. You can post as many items as you want. Just remember to read the agreements thoroughly and don’t try going around Google’s rules. Breaking the rules could result in your account being banned and this could initiate credibility issues between your websites and Google’s indices. Don’t do anything that will get you on Google’s bad side.

3.    It’s owned by Google

Google Base is Google property. Although it doesn’t assure search engine rankings, product entries in Google Base are automatically included and indexed in another Google property—Google Products.

If Google sees that your Google Base entry is relevant enough (regardless of what category your entry is published under), it may be included as a search engine hit. If this happens, it is a good idea to link your just-finished-website to your ranking Google Base entry.

4.    It allows you to narrow or expand your search-ability
Some people may find that the strict categorization of Google Base entries immediately limits the market that they can attract. On the contrary, the categories and sub-categories already filter the market for you so that you only get the most relevant queries and Internet users get the most relevant results. It’s all about matching the right hit with the right keyword.

Even when you submit your website to Google, you’d still want to optimize for a niche market instead of going for a generic market that all of your competitors are going for.

5.    It’s very easy to use, for you and your searching public
Google Base provides easy, step-by-step instructions on how you can best submit an entry and how you can maximize the rest of Google’s properties. Best of all, the structure makes it easy for the searching public to look for what they need.