Spanish Data Protection Laws

December 1, 2009

Not many people are aware but there are data protection laws in every country including Spain.

However the topic of data protection and the consequences of not being legal in the eyes of the law is rarely mentioned in any business seminars where the teachings are mostly based around marketing and the bottom line.

Below is a link to an 80 page PDF detailing the law as seen by the “Agencia Española de Protección de Datos” (Spanish Data Protection Agency)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF FILE – Spanish Data Protection (470kb)

You will notice that the title of this department simply contains “data protection” so we are not talking about solely personal data but also business data.

In the document there are 158 individual articles related to data protection in Spain.

You can find more resources about the data protection agency at

Please see an article below regarding a breach of the law in regards to data protection and unsolicited email (spamming)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF FILE – Spanish Company Fined for Spamming (122KB)