Spam being defiantly not blocked

September 3, 2008

Okay. Here is a sample of one of the stranger support requests that I get. You should know that I have not changed the spelling or grammar in any way.

I have only removed the identifying information to guard the clients privacy and well, err.. embarrassment.

Seriously, I have not made this up!

Email from Client: Im back meeting Justin fir morning ,,I have a slight hitch, mail received from sales@***.com is now for some reason Unknown to me diverting to my spam box,,I have checked my blocked senders and sales@***.com is defiantly not blocked so why is it going to spam instead of my inbox

Me back to client: Do you mean the spambox in Outlook?

Email back from client a few minutes later: Craig thanks mate, problem solved ,,it was blocked both addresses, but not by me or my secatary amazing!!??

WTF? I am just glad its solved because I could get some serious brain damage if I hade to decipher all of that again.