Social Bookmarking. 4 Steps to Make It to the Top

February 17, 2009

1. Know your market
The alpha and the omega of online marketing success is your consumer. Getting to know what your target consumers like and dislike isn’t enough. More than the tangible, it is important to find out their lifestyle, their mindsets, and their motivations.

Knowing their personality will help you craft your communications and marketing plans, giving you a better chance to be received well.

2. Write for your market
Your website should equally serve your niche and your brand. More than website aesthetics, the written text is your real weapon. Figure out your market’s niche keywords and optimize your content accordingly. Make sure that your articles are relevant and helpful so that your market can see more value in your brand.

Updating is an important element of making your web content work for you. Give your visitors a good reason to keep coming back and to tell their peers about how useful your website is.

3. Find out where your niche hangs out online
Don’t wait for your market to find the good content you have. While some will find their way to you via the search engines, you’ll still meet a lot of them halfway.

Check out popular forums with threads that are related to your brand. Get to know how your category is being talked about. You might even find your brand somewhere in the many conversations. I suggest going as far as creating your own forum account, logging in, and joining the thread. Doing so will help you build credibility for your brand and after a while, you can even include web page URLs with your posts. If these individuals are happy with your content, they’ll include you in their online bookmarks.

Another technique is to look for top-ranking blogs relevant to your brand. These bloggers have fantastic credibility and are looked up to by their peers. Read what they have to say about your category and find out how they are responding to the latest products. Participate in the comments section and eventually, you’d feel comfortable leaving your website’s URL. The ultimate goal is to have the blogger include your website in his social bookmarks.

4. Dive into it
After rubbing elbows with your niche in forums and blogs, it is now time to create your own social bookmark account. Collect all the URLs that link back to your website and all your web pages, and begin organizing them in your online bookmarking account.

Make sure that you don’t forget to tag these URLs. It will make it easier for those in your social bookmark network to find what they’re looking for. These people, in one way or another, will end up finding their way back to your website or any of your web pages.

Throughout all of these steps, updating still remains top priority. Update your knowledge of your market. Keep researching. Update your keyword list. Update your content. Make sure that you’re alerted when someone replies to a post you made in the forums or if someone replies to a comment you left in one of the blogs. And lastly, make sure that you update your online bookmark so that people find you all the time.