Seafood Dinner Party April 2014

April 14, 2014

Last year I made a British Dinner Menu for my guests which went surprisingly well, so this year I decided to do something different and went down the seafood route as we live in Marbella which has an abundance of fresh seafood, so it was an obvious choice.

The previous year I slaved all day on the saturday from dawn till dusk and completely knackered myself but this year I thought I would work smart and do some of the work on the friday. Therefore did all my shopping on the friday and started preparing only to spend all day friday and most of saturday cooking as well (DOH!) and basically spent almost twice as much time as last year!

The other thing I decided to do this year was do as much as possible with the thermomix and I managed everything except steaming the tiger prawns which I did in a steamer and the salmon en croute which had to be done in the oven. The rest was thermomix all the way. IMHO, if you are serious about cooking and dont have a thermomix and can afford one (they are not cheap), get one.

Well, anyway, it was very worth the effort as a nice menu was produced and everyone was very complimentary indeed and happy smiling faces all round.

This year I even remembered to take some photos of some of the dishes!!! See them below.

dinner-menu-april-2014 scallop-and-seafood-surprise