Samsung Test Lab at IFA Tech Show Berlin

September 10, 2009

We ll what can I say? I am back from the awesome IFA Tech Show in Berlin and I am stoked at the things I have seen there. Namely I was in awe of the fantastic Samsung stand. I was only there for one and a half days but boy, these guys know how to put on a show.

I was invited to be part of the Test Lab Blogging Team and the “stand” was impressive. Lots of new gadgets and gizmos about and lots to write about.

See my short video below. (I am not a video blogger in general but its worth watching for some of the nifty stuff on show)

It was only last week I was discussing with my friend about the future and advancement of TV’s. Just how much better can they get?

I remember the “olden days” when TV’s did not have remote controls and LCD was a thing of the future.

Well Samsung cannot be accused of being slow. At the show I saw TV’s that connect to the internet and can download You Tube content using Yahoo TV widgets, you can even manage your twitter account! I saw TV’s as thin as a slice of bread, I saw TV’s that are so fluid and display such lifelike imagery its difficult to tell at some point what is real and what is not.

However out of all the TV and visual display stuff there was one product on show that just simply took my breath away and answered the question I had raised with my friend earlier.

3D TV. Welcome to the future of visual display!

Yes, this HAS TO BE the next step in the evolution of TV. On display Samsung had a 50 inch TV screen which displays at first what appears to be a blurry image and currently yes, you need to wear some glasses to view the 3D effect.

Sure, I know you are probably saying that have seen this kind of thing before, well so you think.

The quality of this 3D TV is just astounding, its like watching a high quality LCD TV but in 3D, the pictures and images simply pop out at you in astounding quality.

We are not far off from having 3D TV in our living rooms. In the US there is already a growing library of films being shot in 3D such as Up, Beowulf and Polar Express but of course the current LCD displays don’t support it, however with further development I am sure 3D will be coming to a TV showroom near you soon.

I also saw a great interactive whiteboard which is just like a blackboard but white and of course the exception that is that you can draw, play movies, use ms word, run flash movies…well pretty much anything a computer does with the exception that you use your finger or a special pen to manipulate the items on screen.