Protecting Your Business by Registering Multiple Domains

At the time of writing, there are currently over 85 different domain name extensions available for people to register. So do you go off and register every single one? Its not really necessary to register every single one but you should ensure that if you are in an area of industry that is competitive or at least in an area of the marklet where there is comptitive jealousy, you should at least have the main domain name extensions registered and secured...

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Do Meta Tags Matter

Meta tags are quite important to SEO but not the be all and end all. However, search engines dont ignore meta tags as some may have you believe but they dont pay as much attention to them as they used to. When putting your pages together though, you should always make sure that you include the TITLE, DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS tag as default. From my experience, there are some basic rules in order to rank for the phrases you want to rank for. The first...

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Social Networking

For a very long time, until recently, I was always sceptical about social networking sites such as Linked In. However I discovered that these types of sites are powerful and free ways of giving your web site and blog additional search engine fodder. For example, on LinkedIn you can add 3 url’s to your profile and if you optimise them enough, they can provide you with excellent back links to your own web site. So in addition to being a great...

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