PDF Optimization: The Fall of SEO?

October 21, 2008

Adobe acquired Macromedia on April 18, 2005 uniting 2 of the Internet’s most powerful platforms – PDF and Flash – saw the birth of PDF optimization.

4 advantages of PDF optimization

1. Have your entire website nicely rolled up into one platform.
Aside from the usual text content we’re all used to, one PDF file can now accommodate compressed videos, animation, and complex graphics.

2. Death to third-party plug-ins.
PDF optimization eliminates the need to download files in different file formats for media player compatibility. Users can also do away with downloading, installing, and upgrading Flash players as Flash animation and videos are now made readable by PDF readers.

3. Your optimized PDF doesn’t have to stay within your website.
The entire content can be sent to mobile devices like cell phones and PDAs as long as they’re equipped with PDF readers. Your site no longer has to rely on Internet connections. Offline, users can view your site as a PDF file saved on their hard drives or as a file saved in data CDs or DVDs.

4. PDF files do not rely on Internet connections to be viewed.
As you send out optimized PDF files, you lessen your dependence on servers, ISPs, and web security.

The future of marketing websites
PDF optimization allows website owners to pay on a per project basis or a fee for every PDF file to put on their website. This scheme could be more cost effective as opposed to a retainer fee allotted for the periodic assurance that their website is well optimized for search engines.

Investing on PDF optimization allows you to make your money work doubly hard for you. Not only do you get a site that looks fantastic, your investment doesn’t get stuck as a small fragment of the World Wide Web.

Your PDF can travel beyond the web and find itself in cell phones and other devices capable of receiving data and reading PDF files.

This potential can allow you to make better use of your client database and craft your messages according to your segmentations.

Personalized communication through sending PDF files will drive traffic to your website as long as you remain relevant to your market.

PDF optimization also allows individuals to freely disseminate your marketing messages. Depending on how appealing and relevant your PDF content would be, the file can reach more than twice the number of your intended audience.

What can SEO companies do?
Most Internet users will take a while before they get to know PDF optimized sites and maximize their potential.

This is a good time for you to learn more about it and truly understand its capabilities.

Instead of fighting the arrival of this technology, why not incorporate it into your SEO service repertoire?

You still have a good amount of time to study client options and create packages for them to choose from.

The key is learning how you can maximize PDF optimization for your clients and being first to offer the technology to them.