No Pasa Nada SEO

You are probably asking yourself “what the hell is that?” but in Spanish, “no pasa nada” means simply one of the following phrases:

  • its okay
  • no problem
  • its fine

Its like when a child falls over and scrapes their knee and starts crying you comfort them with “ahhhh, no pasa nada”.

I think you get the idea.

If you are an Search Engine Optimiser you may have run into No Pasa Nada SEO before in fact you may even be doing it already yourself.

No Pasa Nada SEO is basically going for 10 keywords instead of 25, not reviewing the on page content, getting fewer inbound links than you normally could etc etc.

In brief, its about short changing the client.

Sure, sometimes clients impede seo progress by trying to get involved in the seo process itself which I will admit, can be a hinderance at the best of times and it can also be argued that clients only get what they pay for but the question has to be asked:

Are you giving your clients full value or just taking their money and giving them No Pasa Nada SEO instead?

The list below is a bare minimum list on a monthly basis and anything <= is No Pasa Nada SEO in my opinion.

  • 10 on site keyword rich text links for each keyphrase
  • 5 off site directory links (recipricol or oneway)
  • A review of the copy on the targeted pages
  • A review of the page titles and meta tags
  • Inform client on any changes in the search space
  • 1 x 500 Word Press Release with inbound links
  • Monthly SEO progress report and current status against competitors

Of course, like I said, it depends on what the client is paying but the above list is the bare minimum required to get some sort of search engine ranking increase over time.