How to Choose a Domain Name for your Business

October 29, 2008

Choosing a domain name can be harder than you think, because sometimes the name of your business does not match up with available domains.

However, even if this is the case, you should still strive to find the closest domain name to your business that is available.

If your business is going to be based online and you have not yet chosen a solid name for it, you may want to name it once you find a domain available with the same name.

The reason for this is because when people think of your business and go searching for it they are going to type in your name.

If someone else owns the domain, they are going to think they have found your business and might purchase off someone else inadvertently.

If they can tell it is not the product they were looking for, they may simply give up trying to find you and you lose an additional sale. Therefore, to streamline the availability of your site, you want your business and domain name to be very similar.

If you are a well established business, and have already spent a decent amount of money building your product name, then you are not going to want to change your product name.

Therefore, you might combat the problem of no available URLs by contacting the owner of the domain and trying to entice them to sell. If luck is with you, then you might be able to buy it out pretty easily, if not you will have to decide how much it is worth to you.

The last thing you will have to consider is if you want a long or short domain name.

There is much debate over which is better, but what it comes down to is what people will recognize. For example, if they know your product as an abbreviation, a short domain name is quick and easy to remember.

However, if they will not know what the product is once abbreviated, you will want to make full use of the available 67 chraracters.