Google Advertising: Maximizing by Practical Training

July 8, 2009

Simplicity and functionality
Google successfully maintains its position as one of the Big 3 search engines because it helps advertisers market their websites. Google has a host of online software, all with easy-to-learn interface and friendly reports that are easy to understand.

However easy it might be to use Google’s advertising tools separately, it is a different matter if you seriously want to maximize the roster of free advertising software. It takes more than reading online tutorials and relevant forums to figure out the perfect combination to exactly address your search engine marketing needs.

Using is simple, but maximizing takes skill
Google’s advertising tools can be used independently from each other. Each one boasts of a fantastic interface that makes it easy for anyone to use. Learning to use these tools takes between 2 to 7 days—the same for generating reports.

On the other hand, learning how to integrate one tool with another requires more skill and a deeper understanding of what each of Google’s advertising tools can do for you.

Choosing which services you really need
More than advanced technical skills, higher logic is also required if you wish to maximize Google’s advertising tools. There are a lot of services with specific goals. If you want to go for integration, it is recommended that you figure out exactly what kind of help you need and determine the corresponding Google advertising tool to address your needs.

It would also be wise to think from the perspective of your niche market. After all, it is their clicks that you’re trying to attract. It won’t hurt if you allocate more time to execute a proper market research. Get to know their browsing habits, how they perceive your brand, how you fare with your competitors, and which keywords to optimize for. In the long run, keeping on top of market changes will become a breeze for you. This will significantly reduce mistakes, shorten test periods, and save you a lot of money.

Measurements and analyses help keep your ROI in check
Setting your Google ads in place and determining all the tools you need don’t mean that the work is done. The challenge of online marketing is the need for constant monitoring so that you’re quick to adapt to the changes that happen to your niche.

Most advertising services offered by Google follow the pay-per-click business model. This is both effective and cost-efficient as long as you do it right. Meaning, you only pay for the clicks that will add to your bottom line. Most ads are keyword-dependent, an element that mirrors exactly how your market thinks and feels. Little changes that happen to the market have significant effects to your keyword list. Use the reports you get from Google for free to keep up and tweak your campaign accordingly.

Search engine rankings change in a matter of seconds without warning. You can’t afford to lose your hard-earned spot. It’s always better to maintain than to rebuild everything.