Get Rid of Form Spammers with Security Captchas

Spammers have reached not just your mailbox but also your inbox. From pre-approved credit cards to lottery entries, your email accounts are bombarded daily by these unwanted messages.

If you’re running a website with a form for registration, comments, or just plain interaction with your client base, it’s probably getting spammed as well.

Consider yourself in good company, as even large companies and popular websites are getting spam attacks every day. But just like those running social networking sites and major business portals, you too can avail yourself of protection from form spamming with security captchas.

Separating humans from computers
Security captchas are plugins that you install on your website to help distinguish human users from computer software bots that try to access your website.

Created in Carnegie Mellon University back in 2000, CAPTCHA is actually an acronym.

It stands for:-

Completely Automated Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart.

A security captcha uses an image of a distorted word or set of alphanumeric characters that cannot be scanned or recognized by a computer or a program.

A human user will have to read off the characters in the distorted image and key in the characters in a separate box.

Spamming efforts
Marketers usually employ bots to spam email addresses, comment forms, registration pages, and any other site that requires input of data. One example of this is form spamming. These bots pose as human users and automatically fill in forms for comment sections or registration pages.

These bots are often used by unscrupulous website owners to try to increase their search engine hits by leaving the name of their website within the comment sections of other websites or on the profile pages of people on social networking sites.

They can also register themselves as members or contacts of a particular website. Automated bots can access millions of sites and accounts in a short amount of time.

Keep the spammers away
Your site doesn’t have to fall victim to these abusers. By employing a security captcha on your website, you are preventing non-human users from using your website’s forms for purposes other than legitimate comments and communication.

You can simply link a captcha plugin to your form, requiring the interpretation of the image before the contents of the form are processed. It also prevents automatic responders and non-human contacts from pervading your network.

This will decrease the amount of spam messages that you get through your message inbox.

By putting a security captcha on your site, you will assure yourself that the only interaction your site gets is human interaction.

A security captcha not only prevents a large number of bots from accessing your site, but it also decreases the time and effort you have to spend filtering out irrelevant comments and messages.

This leaves you more productive time for maintaining a professional and cleaner-looking site.