Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

January 7, 2009

Email marketing has helped many businesses increase their income. However, this can be done only if the strategy is used properly and effectively.

As it is, there are many common mistakes that Internet marketers make. Unfortunately, these mistakes have almost become norm.

They cost valuable time and money that cannot be recovered, so make sure to avoid them in the first place.

Here are some of the most obvious mistakes and how to solve them in order to succeed in your email marketing campaign:

1. Impersonal marketing
Automated emails addressed to the general public do not make a potential or returning customer feel valued and special, so why would he or she buy your product? There must be a personal touch in marketing but this is sorely lacking in many email marketing campaigns.

One way to solve this is by purchasing autoresponder technology, which enables your email to be addressed to your member’s first name instead of an impersonal “Dear customer.” These programs would save you the time in manually inputting the names of your customer and come at a reasonable cost.

2. Long emails
Another mistake is emailing promotional materials or newsletters that overestimate a customer’s attention span. The average web user has a limited amount of attention to spend on emails that aren’t from people they personally know. Why would they read a long and dragging email extolling the virtues of, say, a vacuum cleaner? They would rather mark it as “read” or worse, as “junk.”

To avoid this mistake, you must create emails that are interesting, helpful, and above all, concise. Write a catchy title and use humor, if possible. The goal is to entertain and not bore your potential customers so that they would avail of your goods. Considering how there are so many competing products out there vying for your potential customer’s attention, find your edge and use it extensively.

3. Being too fancy
An email that has a bad color scheme and looks too cluttered may turn off subscribers. Also, not all of your list’s members use the same software and client to access their emails. Make sure to send test emails to the 3 most popular email clients (or more if possible) so you can check if the format of your email looks great in one but is messed up in the other.

What use is a promotional email if people can’t read it anyway? This is easily overlooked by Internet marketers, but doing this extra step will improve your email’s readability and possibly increase the number of interested customers.

Avoid and solve these 3 common mistakes in email marketing to boost your sales, save time, and save money. Constantly streamline your email marketing techniques in order to stay on top of your game.