Bureaucrats – How to Annoy Them and the Twitmarsh Files

January 11, 2013

I am in proud receivership of two books recommended to me the other day by my friend Justin Parks.

1. The Twitmarsh Files
2. Bureaucrats – How to Annoy Them


These books were written by the late Patrick Moore under his pen name “R.T Fishall” (artificial..get it?) in the early eighties.

The Twitmarsh files is a kind of reprint of the original “Bureaucrats – How to Annoy Them” and both are a brilliant and enjoyable read and give some funny advice on how to get even with the taxman etc.

Twitmarsh files is available on Amazon for appx 4.79 GBP whereas the original book is a little harder to get and I actually parted with 99 gbp for it as it seems its more of a collectors item now.

So if you are like me and are one of those individuals who can get incensed by the Twitmarshes of this world, then this book will have you laughing out loud!

Its good to laugh you know.