Automating Torrent Downloading of Your Favourites TV Shows.

May 19, 2022

Before we start off, there will be two things you will need.

1. Download µTorrent from here.
2. Create an account on

Technically, torrenting or the act of torrenting is not actually illegal in most if not all the countries in the world. However, downloading tv and films using torrents is deemed illegal in many countries. Check in your country if torrenting of tv shows and films is allowed. I am based in Spain and downloading tv/film torrents is NOT illegal as long as it’s for personal use. I understand that Switzerland, Mexico and the Netherlands also freely permit downloading of tv and films for personal use. If you are in a country that does not permit downloading of tv/film torrents for personal use, then I suggest you stop here or take the risk or use a VPN.

What is µTorrent? – this is one of the world’s favourite torrent downloaders. Also known as uTorrent.

What is – This is a site where you add your favourite TV shows to a list and you will be notified via RSS feed when they will be released.

How do µTorrent and work together? – You configure µTorrent to check the RSS feed from and as your TV shows are released online, µTorrent will auto download the TV show to your computer.

Now we will run through the steps.
Step 1 – set up your favourite TV shows list
Step 2 – configure your RSS feed and grab the feed URL
Step 3 – Fire up µTorrent and enter the feed URL
Step 4 – Create Smart Feed (Autodownloader)
Bonus Step – tweaking download times and speeds


Step 1 – set up your favourite TV shows list

After you log in to, simply click on the My Shows button in the top menu.

Then, from the select menu, start typing a show that you like and when you find it, click on Add to My List.

Great! Add as many shows as you like.

Step 2 – configure your RSS feed and grab the feed URL

Now you need to create the RSS feed for the Torrent software to read.

In, click on the My Feed button.

Then, just tweak your settings or leave the default ones. Then you will have the URL you need for the torrent software.

Step 3 – Fire up µTorrent and enter the feed URL

Open µTorrent and go to File > Add RSS Feed

Paste in the feed URL you made in and give your feed a name.

Select the feed from the left menu and then refresh the feed to show all your tv show downloads.

Step 4 – Create Smart Feed (Autodownloader)

The next step is crucial if you want them auto-downloading as soon as they arrive.

Whilst you are on the feed screen, click on the Create Smart Feed button.

Now, give your smart feed a name, in the field for Contains, just add an asterisk so it downloads everything. Select the feed you created earlier and tick all the checkboxes and click the OK button.

Now, anything that appears in your feed will be auto-downloaded to the directory of your choice.

That’s really it, nothing else to do.

Bonus Step – tweaking upload/download times and speeds

Torrenting is a “community” activity. The more bandwidth you allocate to “sharing” torrents, ie upload speed, the faster your torrents will download when they are available.

However, what you don’t want is your bandwidth being used at peak times, as this slows down your internet in general, so we suggest you schedule upload/download to off peak times.

In µTorrent, select µTorrent > Preferences.

Then select the Scheduler button.

On mine, I like to seed/upload at full speed between midnight and 9 am and do unlimited downloading at the same time.

So the dark green blocks for Mon-Sun are marked at full speed, and the rest of the time I limit the upload speed to 5kb/s, which are the light green boxes.

You will be pretty safe with the settings below.

That’s really it now.

There is a tonne of settings in µTorrent, but this is probably the most important one.

Have fun!