Are Your Site Visitors Bouncing?

November 28, 2008

Do you have a high visitor rate yet you don’t seem to be earning money? You’ve done everything you think you can in terms of Internet marketing. You’ve spent a lot of time and money. Still, your site visitors leave as soon as they come.

Your site might have a high bounce rate. It is the number of single-page visits or visits in which a person leaves your site from the homepage. This happens when your site visitors don’t see what they are looking for during their first few seconds on your website.

Wrong keywords
You want your visitors to stay and explore your website. The most common reason for people leaving immediately is that your visitors don’t find your page relevant. But what led them to your site in the first place? Your site might have been indexed under misleading or inappropriate keywords by search engines. You need to fix this search engine optimization problem.

Failure to hold attention
Your visitor might have liked what he saw in your banner ad or text ad at another site. But when he clicked the ad and got to your website, he lost interest all of a sudden. This failure to hold attention may be due to your site design or site content. The elements of your website should fulfill the promise made by your ads.

Poor website design and navigation
Always get opinions regarding your website design and navigation. Do the pages load fast? Can people find what they are looking for without getting lost in your website? Do you really need background music or that animation in your homepage? The goal is to make your website clear and readable. Site visitors don’t want mumbo-jumbo. If a visitor wants to explore your website but you don’t have an easy-to-access global navigation, he will get irritated and just leave.

Google Analytics can help you determine your site’s bounce rate. After adding a few lines of code on your web pages, you can view the bounce rates for your website by going to Visitors, Visitor Trending, and then Bounce Rate.

To minimize your bounce rate, you can do any of the following:

Test your site
Ask a group of users to visit your site. Then, get objective feedback. Pay attention to what made them want to stay and what made them want to leave.

Show next steps
Always give visitors the option to click to the next page. Once you’ve grabbed the visitor’s attention with the first page, make sure the second page is ready for him.

Improve internal links
Your site should have an adequate number of internal links, or links that lead to other pages in your website. Like to your high-ranking pages, to your most-viewed pages, and to your favorite posts among others.

Use appropriate keywords
Optimize your site for the most popular search engines. When people get to your site because of misleading or inappropriate keywords, they will view your site in bad light and you might end up not getting any visitors in the long run.