Adding Hockey Pucks to my Office Chair

September 26, 2020

My little Saturday project.

I bought a nice IKEA chair a few weeks ago but it comes with Castor wheels which are no good as my chair slides around the place due to having tiles on the floor.

Problem is, Ikea does not sell wheel-less castors for their office chairs.

So I found some wheel-less castors on amazon but they are appx 1mm too wide. So bought a different set, again, too big to fit in the Ikea chair slots as the Ikea chair pins are 10mm whereas all the others online were 11mm. I could not find 10mm pins anywhere!!

So, I bought some hockey pucks on amazon for €5, took out the pins from the Ikea wheeled castors and drilled a hole in the hockey pucks, added some felt so I would not scratch the floor.

And……Voila!!! Cool-looking base to my chair now and it actually slides around nicely when I need it to and feels very solid.