5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pay for Search Engine Submission Services

June 21, 2009

There is a huge presence of online ads that advertise search engine submission services. Appearing on almost any website, these ads promise you that your website will be indexed in 5,000 search engines or even a million search engines—depending on the monthly fee you choose to pay.

These ads actually sound good, as they claim to be able to do your job for you. A lot of Internet marketers fall for these ads, only to realize very late that they have wasted a lot of money without getting the results they have been promised. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why search engine submission services are destined to ruin your online campaign.

1. There are only 3 major search engines that people use
First of all, the total number of search engines that exist does NOT reach a million. And even if it did, people only use the top 3 search engines: Google, Yahoo! and MSN. How can people find your website in the other 999,997 search engines if they don’t even visit these search engines?

You shouldn’t be paying for a million if you only need three. Quality trumps quantity, even in the virtual world.

2. Search engine spiders rank according to content relevance
All search engines work under the same crawling principle, whether or not they belong to the top 3. No matter how many submissions your website gets, your ranking still depends on how the search engine spiders like your content.

Remember that spiders only crawl over text, so you might want to focus on textual content. The more relevant your content and keywords are to your niche, the more that spiders will suggest your content to the users (as a hit).

3. Search engines won’t delete you from the index—unless you break rules
Companies that offer your submission services often instill fear, saying that search engines will delete your site from their indices unless you submit your website over and over. This isn’t true.

Search engines will not delete your website unless you their break rules and the terms you’ve agreed on. The best search engines actually penalize websites that repeatedly submit themselves. In effect, by purchasing the services of submission companies, you set up your site for being banned.

4. Your money is better spent on actual site optimization
The Internet and your market consistently fluctuate and keeping up with both could be challenging. However, if you concentrate all your efforts and resources on the foundations of Internet marketing, you’ll have less and less to do as time passes—without the monthly bills of submission companies.

Content and link building are two of the most important aspects of successful Internet marketing and SEO. Getting the hang of these plus consistent updates will make you rank higher. Moreover, getting to know your market as best as you can will definitely make everything easier.

5. Search engine submission services charge you for nothing else but luck

You’re better off spending the same amount at the lottery.