5 Fundamentals of Social Bookmarking

June 19, 2009

With the wide variety of online marketing tools, it becomes difficult and time-consuming to find the perfect software that addresses your marketing needs. Most search engine marketers get caught up in looking for the latest software in the market that they lose track of what their marketing and communication objectives are.

Social bookmarking began as a way for users to keep track of the websites they like and share the list with their peers who most likely share their interests. The best in the field of search engine marketing saw social bookmarking as an opportunity to reach more people with less effort, while keeping the marketing budget in check.

Below are 5 points—a mix of marketing basics and social bookmarking tips—that can help you in maximizing the potentials of social networks and bookmarks.

1. Determine a niche
Whether you do digital marketing or traditional marketing, you always go back to the consumer. After all, you are appealing for a particular market to listen to what you have to say and hopefully, they’ll hear you out and make a purchase.

You don’t want to spend a lot of money talking to everybody, because not everybody is a prospect for your brand. You don’t stop filtering the market until you get to a niche market, and that’s whom you talk to all the time.

2. Research on your niche so you have a single-minded focus
After you’ve figured out whom to talk to, do your research and find out what they’re interested in talking about. Look for a way to integrate your brand into their needs and interests. Find a creative way to talk to them and tell them how your brand can address their issues. Be helpful. Know what you want to say and be consistent.

3. Speak their language
Knowing what to say isn’t enough. You have to say it right so that you’ll be understood the way you want to be.

4. Find the mother ship
The most efficient way to maximize the reach of social bookmarking is to find where your niche gathers and who has the power to influence. Choosing the most relevant social website to your niche and finding that handful of people who have the most contacts will help propel your web page. Just make sure you don’t do anything that will make them remove your link from their bookmarks.

5. Keep them after you get to them
You shouldn’t be content when your niche flocks to your website once. The challenge is to give them reasons to keep visiting your website and make purchases.

Regularly update your website content so that people will have something to look forward to on a regular basis. Make sure that your content remains relevant and helpful to them so that their interest in you doesn’t take a dip.

It would be helpful if you allow your visitors to leave comments and suggestions and that you reply to them when they have questions