5 Blogging Tips: Turning Occasional Readers into Loyal Readers

June 18, 2009

If you’re blogging for profit or if your blog is part of an Internet marketing campaign, then your primary goal is to get the attention of your desired market and maintain your hold on this base.

The Internet is a highly pervasive medium that demands users to divide their attention. Websites and blogs all want a slice of the pie, making it a challenging landscape. Here are 5 tips to help get you a foot in the door, and to follow through with a maintenance strategy once you’re in.

1. Regularly update your blog content
Regular content updates show dedication and knowledge in your field. People have no need for obsolete information, this is why updates are important—they give people reason to check out your blog regularly.

Regular updates also keep you on top of the latest niche keywords. Your updates are useless if you don’t optimize for the right keywords, because you’ll hardly turn up in search engines.

2. Give readers something to look forward to
On top of your regular content updates, you can conduct special promos that your readers can look forward to. You can have simple Q&A contests or offer small prizes for your readers to contribute content.

Once a month is ideal. However it still boils down to how much you can spend on prizes and what type of games and contests your readers respond the best to. Make sure that whatever you come up with still ties in with your blog’s focus. Keep in mind that you can use your readers’ entries as a source of fresh insights and ideas.

3. Keep in touch with all your readers
This shouldn’t be hard to do if you make it a point to respond to every comment made. Of course, you can choose to respond collectively, but be careful to acknowledge everyone—or no one at all.

Replying to your readers’ comments makes them feel like there’s an actual person behind the blog (well, you’re REALLY a person anyway), and that they’re being listened to. Thank them for their comments whether positive or otherwise. Take criticism constructively and promise that you’re making continuous improvements.

4. Feed the growing community in your blog
Keeping in touch with your readers can be made easier if you use your blog as a community that houses them. You can even create a mailing list exclusive for your blog’s readers. This encourages them to discuss your blog posts and other related topics.

As your community grows, you can think of hosting get-togethers for your readers maybe once or twice a year. This way, people can put faces to online names. You can enlist the help of social networking sites like Facebook. These sites can help you manage communities by creating group and fan pages, making event and content update announcements easier.

5. Listen to your readers
When readers leave comments that applaud or complain about something, it is a good idea to acknowledge them and reply appropriately. You can thank them for complements, and you can apologize for mistakes or promise to consider suggestions.

You don’t have to apply each suggestion made. However, it is wise to consider them because your readers are life of your blog.