4 Steps to Maximize the PPC Advantage

December 30, 2008

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is an integral addition to your online marketing mix. The key to getting the most out of PPC is to follow an organized process driven by consumer insights and skilful analysis of relevant metrics.

Below are 4 steps you can follow to help you maximize the advantages that PPC offers.

1. Know your niche
The alpha and the omega of every marketing strategy are the consumers. These are the people that make profits happen and so, these are the people you need to talk to. Allot time and effort to get to know who they are, what they think about, and how they talk. Understand how they interact with your brand.

Consumer knowledge is the best weapon to beef up your website so that you can immediately convert visitors (courtesy of your PPC ads) into buyers. Getting to know your customers in-depth will also make sure you come up with relevant PPC ad content using the right keywords.

2. Get your keywords right
You want only the best website associations with your brand. Be selective of the sites or blogs where you want your PPC ads to appear. Focus your branding and link-building efforts with niche keywords.

Your list of niche keywords will change over time, depending on your target market. Make sure you are always in the know of your market’s preferences and activities so you can adjust your website content and your PPC ads accordingly.

Owning and targeting the best keywords rely on how well you know your market. The best resources to spend time on are blogs and forums where your target market is given the opportunity to comment and talk back. This will tell you how they talk about things and issues related to your product. Consider having a comments section in your website so that visitors and good leads have the opportunity to give their feedback.

3. Write your PPC ad well
Good writing does not stop with your website’s articles. Your PPCs are essentially (very) short sales letters. Their goal is to lead your niche market into your website.

Good copywriting for sales usually has an offer, followed by a call to action. You might want to think twice about using freebies to lure visitors. This tactic will increase your site traffic, but these might not be the people you want to entice. After all, you’re after people who are genuinely interested to purchase and not those who are after free stuff online.

4. Learn more about PPC
The Internet is a rich source of information to help you understand better the technicalities behind using PPC ads. More than reading off related articles, investing a little to learn from SEO experts and well-written e-books will allow you a deeper understanding of PPC metrics and how particular data can help you decide when your campaign needs tweaking.

It would be helpful if you research on different PCC services. Each PPC service provider offers different PPC packages. Direct your focus beyond the pricing models—make sure you consider how each package can help your overall online marketing campaign.