4 Common SEO Errors that Ruin the Rankings of your Articles

Many people write articles that never see the light of day on the Internet and sit unread on the website you intended to promote which does not receive any significant traffic.

If you find that your articles are hardly being noticed, you may be guilty of a few of the following SEO errors that you may be unintentionally committing. Making certain that your articles are not falling victim to the following traps will help ensure they are read more often and frequently visited on the web.

First of all, you need to find a topic to write about that people want to actually read about.

Searching through forums on the Internet that are related to your topic will help you see what people are asking questions about and what they want to know.

This will help you develop content people are searching for in the first place, and then help you choose keywords that will make your article appear in search engines.

Second, with the topic of keywords in mind, do NOT overstuff your articles. This is probably the number one mistake that people make when they write articles with an SEO purpose behind them.

Writing articles that overuse your keywords clues people into the fact you are writing for traffic and likely make them doubt the integrity of your article and look elsewhere.

As a general rule of thumb, 3-5 keyword phrases are significant enough and of course one additional mention in the title.

Third, make sure you alter the content enough in your article to make sure it stands out among the crowds of other articles that deal with the same topic.

If you need aid in optimizing your topic for search engines you might search the Alexa rankings to find which topics people are looking for and visiting the most.

Fourth and final, you need to make sure the sites you are submitting your article to are renowned sites.

Submitting your article to a site that experiences little traffic is not going to do you any good, but submitting your article to a site such as ezines.com that is used and frequented often will help return you with more hits in the future.