2 Simple Tips to Increase Blog Conversion Rates

January 6, 2009

Blogging is only a pastime for most people. But for an increasing number of bloggers, this cool hobby has transformed into something more: a business enterprise. Like any business venture, you must always be informed about the latest news and evolve your business accordingly. You wouldn’t want to be left behind ignorant especially if this means losing some, or in a worst-case scenario, all of your income.

The primary way to earn from blogs is by putting up advertisements from different companies ranging from makeup to lawn mowers and tons of other things in between. Naturally, if no one visits your blog, no one will click the ads and you won’t earn any money.

But many usability studies report that even if your blog gets loads and loads of traffic from every corner of the world, only a small percentage will click your ads. This means that even the most popular bloggers do not make as much money as most people think, because their income is not stable and their blog conversion rate is not that high to warrant a sustainable salary.

More clicks mean more money, so here are 2 simple ways to increase your conversion rate:

1. Proper ad placement
Most bloggers make the mistake of separating their content from their advertisements. The blog posts are usually placed in one column while the ads are stuck in the side bar. If you want to increase your conversion, use template hooks and pull quotes.

You can place link ads in your content as well to encourage people to click them out of curiosity while reading your post. Readers won’t really spend extra effort to scan your side bar to click ads, but they will be more interested in your ads if you weave them into your blog posts creatively. Just make sure that they are not obtrusive enough to distract your readers while reading your post.

2. About me
The “About me” section of your blog can be used to increase conversion. Most bloggers use it to introduce themselves to the general public, thinking that this will help get a few more clicks from visitors; most online readers will tell you that they are not interested in you as a person, as much as what you say as a blogger. They would just dive straight to your blog posts if they want to know anything about you.

Thus, using your author box in another, more profitable way will be to your best interests. You can call your visitors to action; make them click a certain ad link. You can also use your blog’s multiple authors feature (if it has one) to change the message of your author box, each one with a different link. This way, you can see what works and what doesn’t without losing valuable time.

Setting up a blog is very easy, but being a blogger, especially an earning blogger, is not. Take these tips to heart to help increase your earnings.