Spotting Fake Facebook Emails

An email has just arrived to my inbox and even though I have a high level of spam protection, the email has slipped through the filters, so “clever” are these spammers these days.

The email at first glance appears to be from facebook saying that someone has commented on one of my photos, but looking closer I can see that its a total phishing/scam email.

Even me with over 15 years of using email, I nearly got caught out.

The subject of the email is:  “Sara made a comment about your photo”… which if you receive such updates on a regular basis (remember, facebook in 2010 has 500 million members) you would not think twice about clicking on the links in the email..

So here are some basic clues on how to spot the fake facebook email.

I think my advice would be, is that if you receive ANY emails no matter where they appear to be from, just mouse over any links first and usually the real link will appear in your status bar, so if you get an email from Paypal, make sure the url really is paypal, same for facebook, moneybookers, pretty much any email with links in it.

Just by visiting a site, you can be subject to a “drive by” install of spyware or worse. Such software can steal data from your computer without you even knowing it.