Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing

An effective email marketing campaign seeks to persuade potential consumers to buy and current ones to return. Hence, building an email list is an important step in creating a client base. You must also be able to earn your subscriber’s trust. Don’t flood him or her with useless information about your product, which might cause your emails to be marked as “junk.”

Here are some dos and don’ts that you have to observe if you want launch an effective email marketing campaign:


1. Carefully word your emails. Catch and hold your subscriber’s attention by avoiding big words, long and dragging praise on your product’s merits. Just keep it short and simple. Don’t try your subscribers’ patience by putting in details they would never even be remotely interested in.

2. Check out your website statistics frequently. This way, you will be able to easily measure the response of your subscribers to your email promotions. There are free trackers on the Internet that you can use, as well as available features of your emailing service that can do the job.

3. Don’t forget that personal touch. Every customer wants to feel that you value them, that you give them your personal time and attention. To do this, your emails should contain special offers and information relevant to your target market. Use programs that automatically address the email message to their first names.


1. Some companies purchase an email list instead of building their own. This can save a lot of time for Internet marketers, but then again, everyone has different needs and wants. What one person would be eager to purchase can be something another person would find no use for.

This means that out of that email list, which probably contains hundreds of names, only a small fraction of the people behind them will be willing to buy your product. The rest will probably find your emails annoying and block you off their inbox. This is why building your own email list is important. It will consist only of people who are interested in your goods and who want constant updates. The list might be small, but it is one that consists of a solid client base.

2. Avoid clutter in your email. Create a strong message for your product and focus on that. If properly accomplished, you’ll find out what works and what doesn’t in persuading customers to buy. This might be an exercise of hit and miss, but developing a tried and tested procedure is guaranteed to boost your sales.

3. Don’t expect too much too fast. It takes time to build a solid client base. It takes a lot of effort for consumers to trust your company. Just continue developing your product and services. Be consistent in both quality and marketing so that eventually, you’ll be able to cultivate an image of respectability and credibility, two important qualities that you can’t easily buy with money